On Sunday (March 10) I launched Resume’ed on Product Hunt! Resume’ed helps you ‘craft your personal brand with a unique e-resume so simply put it is a SaaS application that helps you build an e-resume. One of the key features of Resume’ed is unlike other resume builders your resume will live on a little slice of the internet (you can even connect your own domain to keep it on brand).

Leading up to the launch

Leading up the launch there was a lot of groundwork I laid down to ensure when Resume’ed was live on Product Hunt everything would go smoothly. The biggest two were the set up of the Product Hunt launch and the backend.

A couple of months ago I set up a Ship page where people could sign up to keep up-to-date on Resume’ed. On that page Resume’ed received over 160 unique emails of people interested. Not only that, but I also got a small subset of those users onto Resume’ed to help beta test the platform. This was incredibly valuable as I was able to get feedback on key aspects of the project.

The day before

The day before I launched Resume’ed on Product Hunt I spent some time making graphics to showcase what Resume’ed is and how it can help. Here are the graphics I created:

I also spent some time making sure everything was secure and ready for a wave of potential users on the Digital Ocean Droplet (zero downtime and no slow down of any services was what that time resulted in!).

I then scheduled the launch to happen at 12:01 AM PT. This is the ideal time to get the most exposure on Product Hunt. I also chose Sunday after doing some research about the best day to launch (I will see if I can find a link to the research I found). In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have launched on the day Daylights Saving Time ends (losing an hour of exposure, but live and learn!).

The Launch on Product Hunt

Everything went really smoothly, I woke up at 8am to find we were already the 3rd most upvoted product for the day! At the time of writing this Resume’ed has 115 upvotes (and it is only 12:30pm in PT, so we still have half a day to go)!

Update (April 2nd): now at 305 upvotes!

How Resume'ed Achieved 4th on Product Hunt 5

We were also tweeted out by the official Product Hunt Twitter:

How Resume'ed Achieved 4th on Product Hunt 6


So what was the traffic like, and what conversions did I see?

(I will try to remember to update this)

As of now, we have had 615 users, across 664 sessions, with an average session being 1 minute and 59 second.

How Resume'ed Achieved 4th on Product Hunt 7

Of those 615 users, we saw 103 (so far) actually sign up to test the platform, a 16.7% conversion. We won’t know how many convert to paying customer until the future, but I will try to also remember to update this!

Update (April 2nd): On March 10th Resume’ed saw 1086 unique users, and 327 new accounts, a 30% conversion.

What’s next?

A couple of users have reached out to me to chat about potential partnerships, so I will be getting back to everyone and seeing if that goes anywhere!

Outside of that, Resume’ed is a side project of mine that I will continue to work on, there are a couple of things on the roadmap that I will get working on this week!


Check out my roadmap for Resume’ed here.


Thank you to everyone for your support, it has been really exciting!

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